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In forex brokers the lights go out

In forex brokers the lights go out

binary-797269_960_720With Alpari FX announced at the beginning of the week at one of the best known and largest forex broker bankruptcy. Alpari won in recent years additional prominence as jersey sponsor of the traditional English football club West Ham United. Also www.onlinescam.net throw in the towel had the lesser-known competitor Global Brokers in New Zealand. The abolition of the exchange rate between euro and franc limit had the broker, as well as their customers, caught off guard.

Euro meantime under the Franks

What was the Black Friday in Europe, the start of the Great Depression of 1929 with a stock market crash, is in the United States known as Black Thursday. Because the shock wave was triggered on Thursday in the United States. Almost 86 years later, last week a Black Thursday is again swept through the financial world. The lifting of the lower limit of online scam the Swiss franc of 1.20 euros sparked A financial earthquake that tore many entrants into the depths.

Was it for about three years foregone conclusion that the Swiss franc this important brand will not tear, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) raised this doctrine last Thursday suddenly. The consequence was that the value of the franc soared and the already ailing single currency fell against it suddenly. At times, a Euro was just over 95 cents (100 cents = 1 CHF). Many currency speculators were not prepared and tried frantically their positions, with whom they had set to a rise in the currency pair EUR / CHF to get rid of.

More bankruptcies could follow

Accordingly, chaos at Forex, the international currency market broke out. The main victims of which were the specialized Forex broker. In addition onlinescam.net/24option/ to the bankrupt previous Alpari and Global Brokers it met the rest of the industry hard. Only an emergency loan in the amount of 300 million US dollars could save the US leader FXCM, over 70 percent had lost the paper of the supplier shortly. Massive losses also had the globally active IG Group and is strongly represented in Germany Competitors CMS Markets to report. How many Forex brokers have to close their doors due to currency shocks in the near future is not yet foreseeable.

With binary options not possible

One reason for the horrendous losses is the high leverage, or leverage, is speculated with the forex area. Here dealers can borrow the 100- or 200-times that amount to deal with it in a specific guarantee. Runs a Trade best they can repay the short-term credit and even reap a profit. But something goes wrong, then not only the use but also the entire balance will be consumed in some cases, and in the worst case the trader has even nachschie├čen private money to cover his debts. In contrast, one always risks with a binary option only use that one also wants to invest. In addition, no losses can occur.

Gains on the demo account are converted into real cash bonus
If you scored a plus after so on the test account with play money and more than the original 500 euro starting capital lying on the onlinescam.net/banc-de-binary/ Demo account, so the profit (about 500 euros) achieved as a bonus on the real money account is transferred and is available for Binary Options!

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